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Certification Courses

Personalized certification courses for all groups of learners and professionals who are in need of re-skilling and up-skilling themselves

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Role of DNA, RNA and Protein Separation

Role of DNA, RNA and Protein Separation_Genodemy

Science behind Crime Evidence- Forensics

Science behind Crime Evidence- Forensics_Genodemy

Plant Tissue Culture Applications

Plant Tissue Culture Applications_Genodemy

Food Bioprocess Science

Food Bioprocess Science_Genodemy

Computer Aided Drug Designing (CADD)

Computer Aided Drug Designing (CADD)_Genodemy

Diagnostics Techniques through RT-PCR

Diagnostics Techniques through RT-PCR_Genodemy

Stem Cell Technology in Diagnostics

Stem Cell Technology in Diagnostics_Genodemy

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering_Genodemy

Genetic Engineering in Diagnostics

Genetic Engineering in Diagnostics_Genodemy

Animal Tissue Culture Applications

Animal Tissue Culture Applications_Genodemy

Diagnostic Immuno-Informatics

Diagnostic Immuno-Informatics_Genodemy

Use of Enzyme Technology

Use of Enzyme Technology_Genodemy

Genodemy Certificate

⦿ Industry verified certificates (soft copy + hard copy)
⦿ Extra knowledge & performance-based identification
⦿ Become a certified domain expert
⦿ Upgrade resume
⦿ Career booster
⦿ A lifelong development
⦿ Enhance employability

Certificate Draft - OCC_Genodemy

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