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Payments & Refunds


Genodemy (DeepIntellect Educators Pvt. Ltd.) offers multiple payment methods. Payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times. You may use credit & debit cards, internet banking, wallet, and QR support to make your payment.

If you make payments, we collect certain data about your purchase (such as your name, contact no., emails id, and sometimes, address with zip codes if your payment is regarding any product delivery) as necessary to process your order. You must provide certain payment and billing data directly to our payment processing partners, including your name, credit card information, billing address, and zip code. For security, Genodemy (DeepIntellect Educators Pvt. Ltd.) does not collect or store sensitive cardholder data, such as full credit card numbers or card authentication data.


Once if you start the payment process, the payment gateway process would not let you cancel your payment until you forcefully cancel the payment which might result in a debit of amount also due to the processing of the payment earlier, and if you cancel your payment, the payment gateway might ask you some reasons for cancellation, which you need to select and submit for better feedback.

Please note that once you have booked a class or a course with us, it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you with our faculty/mentor. If you wish to cancel any class or course, you are required to file a request for a cancellation within 24 hours from the actual time of the booking. If the request is filed post 24 hours, you will be subject to a penalty/fee of 100% of the total amount paid for the course. For free trial classes or sessions, you will not be subject to any penalty/fee, however it’s mandatory to file a request for a cancelation within 24 hours from the actual time of the booking.

For re-scheduling also, you will be required to file the request within 24 hours from the actual time of the booking. If the request is filed post 24 hours, we will not be in a position to accept the request until we have a valid reason for it. Once we have the valid reason, we can review it and approve another schedule for you.
To avoid a cancellation fee, please provide a cancellation notice mandatorily at least within 24 hours from the actual time of the booking.

You can cancel or re-schedule a class or a course by writing to us at, or simply leaving a text message on WhatsApp to us at +919674961206

Your email should contain the following details for the application of course/class cancellation or re-scheduling:
Name - Learners ID - Contact No. - Name of the course booked - Price (paid amount) of the course booked - Date of the transaction/booking - Reason for cancellation or re-scheduling.


We do not operate any refund policy in general. Course Fee once paid is not refunded again in any circumstances. All services are delivered as stated by the organization. But sometimes in some uncertain cases, we do process a refund from our system if any payment is a fatal payment, such as a double payment or a false payment (tried to cancel the course while booking itself), refunds are also processed when courses are cancelled following the cancellation policies. To report a fatal payment on our portal, kindly raise a refund request with appropriate details. The refund process is initiated after detailed verification and approval of the request. Refunds are credited back to the original payment source within few minutes after the refund initiation.

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